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  • Smoking kills. Although it can be smoked, for your health, we strongly advise you not to smoke your tobacco leaves and to reserve them for aromatic, decorative or insecticidal use.
  • Although natural, our tobacco leaves contain nicotine, which creates a strong dependency. Their use is therefore not recommended for minors, people quitting smoking and pregnant women. Keep your tobacco leaves out of the reach of children. As nicotine passes through the skin, we strongly recommend that you wear gloves when handling of your tobacco leaves.
  • Our tobacco leaves are 100% natural. Although carefully selected, they may therefore exhibit discolorations, stains, cracks or breaks, which does not affect their quality in any way.
  • Natural organic. The term "natural" used to qualify our tobacco leaves does not imply that they are "organic" or "from organic farming". It only means that our leaves are a raw agricultural product that has not undergone any transformation, no addition of preservative, additive or agent of texture and flavor after their harvest.
  • Our tobacco leaves are a raw agricultural product and are non-manufactured, unprocessed, unhulled, therefore fully compliant with French legislation and not subject to customs tax on tobacco (TARIC code 2401 ). Their purchase on the internet is perfectly legal in France.
    As regulations are subject to change, it is also your responsibility to check the legislation in force at the time of placing your order. We also invite you to find out about the legislation in force in your country before any purchase from abroad.