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    EXCLUSIVE to BerTabac! Unique in France 🇫🇷 


    Add flavor to your shisha tobacco with BerTabac aromas. The bottle is made of flavored glycerin.

    The aromas are products intended for several uses, either to refill shisha stones such as SHIAZO, STEAMSTONES… Or quite simply to add flavor to your tobacco. 
    Be careful, the flavors are not ready to use products, you will have to let your stones or your tobacco soak up the molasses for at least 24 hours.
    Each bottle contains 100ml of molasses for a weight of 120g.



    • DP: Double Apple

    • MG: Glazed blueberry
    • MM: Blueberry, Mint
    • MDM: Blueberry, Dragon Fruit, Mint
    • M: Blueberry
    • C: Cactus

    • CM: Cherry, Mint
    • CGC: Chewing gum, Cinnamon
    • CC: Cola, Lemon
    • MMPM: Blueberry, Mango, Passion, Mint
    • MP: Melon, Watermelon
    • FM: Forest fruits, Mint
    • PVF: Fresh Green Apple
    • RM: Grape Mint
    • CVM: Lime, Mint
    • Marketing Authorization: Pineapple, Mint, Mango
    • MF: Fresh Mint
    • BBM: Candy, Mint
    • MMFM: Melon, mango, forest fruits, mint
    • TC: Lemon Tart
    • CVMG: Lime, ice mint
    • MFPM: Melon, Passion fruit, Watermelon, Mango
    • MFP: Mango, Passion fruit
    • MFM: Mango, Passion fruit, Fresh mint
    • FP: Passion fruit
    • Mint: Mint
    • OM: Orange, Mint
    • PM: Peach, mint
    • FBM: Strawberry, Banana, Mint
    • MG2: Ice Mint
    • P: Watermelon


    How to make your homemade shisha tobacco?

    • Shredding your leaves

    Use our grinder BT-120 + Shisha specially made for shisha tobacco.

    Follow the step of our tutorial in order to know how to shred your leaves.

    • Tobacco washing

    You can (partially) skip this step if you want to have stronger shisha tobacco but for normal tobacco, which is mild to smoke, this step is very important. Put about 1 liter of water in a container with the tobacco. Knead the mixture roughly.

    After about 5 minutes you can wring out your tobacco. 

    Then put the tobacco back in a container and add about 1 liter of hot water.

    Let the tobacco soak for a few minutes and wring out your tobacco again once it has cooled. Knead your tobacco to remove as much water as possible.

    • Add molasses and aromas

    Now here is the step to transform homemade tobacco into real shisha tobacco.

    When the tobacco has lost most of its water, add 100 ml of molasses.

    The mixture of homemade tobacco and molasses should now be well kneaded so that the moisture and taste combine optimally.

    If you find that the tobacco is losing very little liquid, it is because it has reached a good consistency.

    The shisha tobacco preparation step is complete.


    Storage of homemade shisha tobacco.

    You should now put your homemade tobacco blend in an airtight, airtight and light tight container. For example, jars and large plastic bags with zippers are suitable for this purpose. You can also use our storage buckets.

    Tobacco now needs time to infuse, so that the aromas can spread well and the tobacco provides an optimal taste consumption experience later on.

    One week is the minimum, two to three weeks is better, otherwise the tobacco may not have absorbed the molasses optimally. This can lead to the fact that only molasses evaporates when smoking shisha.

    If you produce a larger quantity, this tobacco is also significantly cheaper than industrially produced tobacco of equal quality and quantity.


    Aromas prepared to order for optimal conservation and quality. Extended delivery times.

    Help the environment! When finished, sort your bottle for recycling.

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